February 08, 2013

Not a beauty blog, but... #1

(photo by Maggie Pardo)
Lately, there have been one thing that is bugging me. Since I decided to stop taking the pill, I started suffering from acne like a 15 year old teenager. In my 30s?! Not a chance! So I started googling for a way to end it! First, I tried a cream that is said to be very effective without being too aggressive. Its name is Papulex, and I'm using it since November. To be honest, I don't recommend it. The only change I noticed was that my skin was significantly less greasy, but the pimples continued to appear. So I decided to move on and try the Effaclar DUO by La Roche-Posay. I started using it on 30 January and have already seen improvements in my skin! Now is the time to start looking for a cream which will reduce post acne marks. Maybe I'll start with this one by L'Oréal. I'll let you know if it works!

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