November 14, 2013

Not a beauty blog, but... #2

(photo by Victor Cavazzoni)
I don´t know if you guys remember, but some months ago I decided to try this Serum by L'Oréal, in order to reduce post acne marks. It ended last July, and I used it every single day. On the first days, I used it twice, in the morning and by night, but my skin just got more oily, so I started to use it only by night before bed.

When the bottle came to an end, I decided not to buy it again since (I thought at the time) I didn't see big differences in my skin. However, during the period of time that I used the serum, I received several compliments on my skin luminosity. At the time, I didn't relate it to the daily use of the serum, but the fact is that I stopped receiving such compliments since I quit using it.

So I'm reconsidering buying it again. Who doesn't like compliments? Right?!

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