December 06, 2013

Friday wishlist

Hi guys! Here's another collection of random things that are on my wishlist.
1. earrings | 2. cup and saucer | 3. art print | 4. iPhone 5s | 5. cutting board | 6. journal

 I love simple jewelry, and these earrings have my name written all over them!

 Lately it has been too cold around here, nothing better than a warm cappuccino in this lovely cup.

 A giant poster above our bed, that's what I need! Tiger says meow by RK // DESIGN seems perfect.

 I've always had an android phone, yet I firmly believe that apple always has the best apps, or at least has the coolest ones first. Maybe it's a case of the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, but I don't know... Is it? So an iPhone would be an excellent Christmas gift!

 The other day I saw this cutting board on pinterest and fell in love.

 Loved the idea of answering a different question every single day in this journal, and later be able to compare my answers year after year and see how I changed ... or not.

I wish you all an awesome weekend!

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